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PLEASE NOTE!  Due to my travel schedule I will be unable to ship books during part of June and all of July.  If you order a book after June 19, it will be shipped about the 2nd week of August.  After August 12 books will ship in 1-2 days as normal.   Sorry for the inconvenience.

The total page count for YesterWreck is about 850, with about 60 photos and illustrations.   It is available in two versions:

  • Limited edition hard cover, signed and numbered. Cost $89.00 includes media-rate shipping within the continental U.S.
  • Unlimited edition paper back, signed but not numbered. Cost $69.00 includes media-rate shipping within the continental U.S.

A portion of each book’s purchase will be donated to the Chuck Sulkala NABC Appreciation Scholarship Fund to help deserving students continue their education in the collision repair field.

For teachers, schools or those wanting a large number of copies for commercial use, please contact me directly at yesterwreck@yahoo.com


To pay by check, make a check payable to Gary Ledoux and send to:

  • Gary Ledoux
  • PO Box 54702
  • Jacksonville, Florida 32245

Note:  Do not make checks payable to YesterWreck.  Make checks payable only to Gary Ledoux.  Thanks!

Be sure to specify if you want the hard cover or paperback, how many copies you want, a valid mailing address, and the proper remittance for same.  Sorry… no COD’s.  Business checks, personal checks, and money orders accepted.


Click on your preferred edition and follow the instructions.  Be sure to specify the number of copies requested.

NOTE: I am experiencing some techo-difficulties with PayPal and having it checked.  Until it is resolved, you will need to purchase the hard copy (single or multiple) separate from the paperback version (single or multiple). Sorry for the inconvenience.