YesterWreck – A Great Value

YesterWreck – A Great Value

Some may question the cost of YesterWreck as being higher than some books one might find at big-box book discounters or mail order houses.  However, YesterWreck offers great value to those in the collision repair industry, and students of the industry.  Here’s why.

325,000 Words

  • The book is comprised of over 325,000 words spread across approximately 860 pages including 13 chapters. Each comprehensive chapter covers an entire decade of time.

35,000 body shops

  • Unlike books that are produced for a mass market and sell millions of copies, YesterWreck is aimed at a limited market of about 35,000 body shops or about 250,000 – 300,000 people
  • YesterWreck is unique to the collision industry

1,000’s of personal dollars invested with a publisher for the graphic layout and production of the book.

  • No commercial sponsors
  • No advertising sold to support the project
  • No backing from a huge publisher
  • I am completely self-funded

80 graphics and photos

  • Approximately 80 graphics and photographs including several photos from some of the oldest continuously operated body shops in America

50 years in the automotive business

  • Career started September 1969 at auto parts and PBE jobber
  • Worked at several aftermarket auto parts jobbers
  • Worked at various car dealers in Parts, Service and Sales
  • Worked at OE level domestically and internationally
  • Deep working knowledge of the automotive business

29 years working for an OE

  • Various positions with one OE including District Manager, Trainer, and Assistant National Manager for Parts Marketing
  • Manager for ProFirst Recognition and ProFirst Certification program

25 years of commercial writing experience

  • Contributing editor Power Equipment Trade magazine 1995 – 2000
  • Contributing editor Motorcycle Industry magazine 1996 – 2001
  • Columnist and feature writer Tombstone Epitaph 1998 – 2012
  • Columnist and feature writer Tombstone Times 2001 – 2012
  • Editor ProFirst Quarterly magazine 2016 – 2017
  • Contributing editor/feature writer for Autobody News magazine 2017 – present

12 years working in the collision industry at the national level

  • One of 5 original OE’s that founded the OE Collision Repair Roundtable
  • Chairman of OE Collision Repair Roundtable for 3 years
  • Served various committees for CIC
  • Various speaking engagements

8 years of research and writing specifically for this project

  • Project started in the fall of 2010
  • Review of approximately 750 source documents/countless interviews

4 previous books published

  • 3 non-fiction, one fictional book/old west history
  • Considerable experience in the self-publishing business

1 author who has chosen to tackle such a project

  • Countless books have been written about other facets of the automotive industry. No one has tried to capture the history of collision repair… until now.

Plus, YesterWreck helps support the industry through the Chuck Sulkala NABC Appreciation Scholarship fund.